Research Portfolio

I have been researching migration, conflict, remittances, and mobility and marketing/consumer behaviour since the mid-1990s. These studies have been funded by many national and international organisations including the World Bank, European Commission, British Academy and Ria Money Transfers.
My expertise lies in human mobility, segmentation, remittances, demographic analysis, ethnicity and conflict, population change, international marketing, transnational marketing, transnational consumers, consumer behaviour, marketing of higher education, ethnic marketing, consumer lifestyles, ethnic segregation and labour markets, Syrian migration, Turkish migration, Kurdish migration, migration in the UK, Turkey, Germany, Middle East, Mediterranean, Emerging markets.
My current research projects include:
• Development of a remittances database drawing upon transaction data
• Integration of Turks in the UK and Europe
• Immigrant integration in Turkey
• Labour market disadvantages in the UK: Muslim minorities
• Labour market disadvantages in the UK: Eastern Europeans
• Transnational market entry mode and diaspora marketing
• Conflict model of migration and culture of migration
• Remittances and regulations
• Migration management and policies
• Syrian migration and prospects

I have been also leading and supervising research in areas such as:
• Digital banking services and SMEs in Bangladesh
• Remittances and irregular migration
• Family and migration in Italy
• Boycotting and brand loyalty in among Arabs in London
• Place-related factors, employment opportunities and international students’ migration intention in Germany
• Impact of the ECoC Program on the city image as a component of the brand of Istanbul
• Identity and belonging among Turkish immigrants in Denmark
• Nation-branding and the image of Romania in British media

I have also carried out externally funded research including consultancy on the following areas:
• Upgrading the Statistical System of Turkey
• Global Remittance Practices during the financial crisis
• Analysis of Consumer Lifestyles in Turkey
• The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond on Remittances in South Asia
• Role of research reputation in marketing of undergraduate business degrees in the UK
• Internal migration of foreign-born in Turkey
• Ethnic residential segregation and transition from school to work in the UK
• Iraqi Turkmen’s international migration: causes, mechanisms, and potentials
• Emigration from an environment of insecurity - From Turkey to Cologne
• Root Causes of International Migration
• Internal Migration in Turkey